Wrap around label machine compact design - LR1000

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  • Item Type:Labeling Machine
  • Packaging Material:Wood
  • Automatic Grade:Semi Automatic

Key Features

LR-1000 Advance Round Bottle Labeler suits for various kinds of round bottles in any material and any color. Labeler will start labeling once place bottles with little to no adjustment. LR-1000 advance round bottle labeler can surely bring you more benefits with less cost and effort for your labeling requirement.


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1.  Labeling height and angles are adjustable.
2.  Compact design,can be used anywhere.
3.  Wrap station makes labels adhered perfectly.
4.  Speed is fixed.
5.  Fast changeover, no adjustment is required.
6.  Controlled by Microprocessor system

7.  No repositioning or timing adjustment is necessary when changing bottle size.
8.  Labeling speed is synchronized with conveyor belt.
9.  Specifically designed conveyor belts break space limitation .
9.  All are made of stainless steel and high quality aluminum alloy.
10. Easy maintenance.




8~10 M/min 



Bottle size:

Diameter: 16~90 mm

Height: 30~160 mm

Label Size:

Width: 10~100mm


Label Reel:

Inner dia: 75mm

Outer dia: less than 300mm

Power supply:

110V or 220 VAC 

Net weight:



                         85*60*50 CM


Option accessory:

Transparent label sensor
Date coder
Stainless steel cabinet


*Safe and neat environment ensures operators safety and good quality machine.


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