Fish Oil counting machine TC1000 standalone pill capsule counter

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  • Item Type:Packaging Machine
  • Automatic Grade:Semi Automatic
  • Packaging Material:Wood

Key Features

Fish Oil counting machine TC1000 standalone pill counter High efficiency tabletop automatic counting machines have sensors to track products with high precision. The speed of rotary table and infeed table are adjustable. It is designed for counting tablet/ capsules into various kinds of bottles as well as plastic bags. With PLC user-friendly program and touch screen, this counter is easy to manage to achieve your production goal.




Applicable products:










1. Counting speed is adjustable.
2. Containers positioned by pneumatic cylinder to ensure precise orientation
3. Dust accumulating device for smooth and efficient counting.
4. Dual chutes for feeding continually.
5. Vibration hopper makes smooth counting process.
6. No adjustment is required as changing tablets.
7. Adopted Japan Keyence high accuracy photoelectric sensor.
8. Controlled by PLC system with LED touch screen.
9. Memory parameters for fast changeover.
10. Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, meets c GMP standard






Bottle size:

diameter: 48mm~100mm/ height: 116mm 

Capsule size:

diameter >6mm, height > 3mm 

Tablet size:




Counting speed:

600~1000 /min

Power supply:

110V or 220VAC, 50/60Hz 


(L) 760mm (W) 550mm (H)740mm






* Safe and neat environment ensures operators' safety and quality machine.




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